InfoSec Notes

Personal notes used as a way to keep trace of my experimentations over the years on attack vectors and digital forensics.

The repository behind the notes can be found at:

  • These notes are distributed in the hope that they will be useful, but without warranty of any kind.

  • Some notes are work in progress and quality of each note may greatly vary (notably depending on the time spent on the note).

  • Some content may be outdated as the first note was written over 4 years ago and tradecraft has evolved since.

As this project / documentation was initially started with no goal of being published, credit may not be properly given where credit is due. While efforts have been made to rectify this, feel free to contact me at <qazeer at protonmail dot com> if you think a source that should be is not mentioned on a subject (or for any other contact).

Created by Thomas DIOT (Qazeer).

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