113 - Ident

The Ident Protocol (Identification Protocol) is a protocol that helps identify the user of a particular TCP service.

The Ident service can be queried to retrieve the username of the user who runs the program that uses the specified TCP port.

An exposed Ident service can be useful to identity services running under high privileges.

Network scan

Nmap automatically query the Ident service, if exposed on the host, during ports scan and specify the user running the service with "auth-owners".

nmap -v -p 113 -A <IP | RANGE | CIDR>

Ident query

The python script identi.py can be used to manually query the Ident service:

identi.py [-h] [-q QUERY_PORT [QUERY_PORT ...]] [-p PORT] [-a] [-v] <HOST>

# Specified ports
identi.py <HOST> -q <PORT1> <PORT2> ...

# All ports
identi.py -a <HOST>

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